Licensing should be simple & fair

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Commercial fonts – similar to commercial illustration, photography, and music – are sold to customers via licensing. That is, when you “buy a font,” you are really entering into a contract about how you agree to use that font.

Traditional font licensing is “metered” – such licenses require you to carefully pre-select all of the usage types you want, then measure your usage. By contrast, ArrowType licensing strives to make things much more simple and fair.

With ArrowType, you pay for licensing based on the size of the company the fonts are being used for, because larger companies tend to derive more value from their marketing and branding. Once you have a license for your company size, you can then use the fonts without worries of metering or measuring usage.

The standard ArrowType license covers desktop installation (for use in tools like Word, Photoshop, Keynote, etc, for uses like branding and print design), collaborative web design (in tools like Figma), web font usage with no limitations around page views, and direct embedding into games and apps (for platforms like iOS, Windows, etc).

There are a few exceptions where special licensing is required. These include use cases that are significantly more rare or complex, such as broadcast (e.g. TV advertising by a company of more than 5 people).

This text is just a quick summary – please read the ArrowType Commercial License for the actual licensing agreement and details.

Finally, we recognize that every company and every use case is unique. If you feel that our standard license doesn't fit your scenario (e.g. you are a large book publisher and will use a font on only a single title) or doesn’t make sense for your particular company structure (e.g. you are a restaurant with a lot of employees but a tight profit margin), we are happy to help find a custom solution that works for you. We want our fonts to serve people, and we want both parties to come out ahead. This is true whether you a large company, a small company, an agency designing for a company, an individual, or anything in between.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Enterprise Licensing

If the standard ArrowType Commercial License doesn’t fit your project or organization, please get in touch, and we can find a solution that works for you.

Trial Fonts

If you are looking to test out our fonts prior to purchasing anything, please see the ArrowType Trial License.

If you are a designer or agency wishing to test and/or pitch a font for a client project, you are welcome to use trial fonts from ArrowType for this purpose.

If you are a student, you are welcome to use trial fonts for educational projects, free of charge. If you need trial fonts with a non-limited character set, just shoot us an email!

Again, if you have any questions about our fonts, licensing, or services, please reach out to – thanks for reading!